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Details of Genealogy of Shri Kota Mehta-Kamdar- Family of Jetpur

Kamdars of Jetpur have a unique sect in the Jain religion( stha na k vasi) . This Kota Kamdar family tree is one of the oldest family trees in the World. This clan also has last names such as Domadia and Mehta. Their Kul Devi, the goddess of their clan, is maymai Ma of Thorala which is located 50 miles from Rajkot, Gujarat. This Kamdar Tree is rare, unique, and has one of the longest family trees in the world. It seems like we started using Mehta from the mid-18th century. This Kamdar family have ruled Jetpur for two generations, during Gopaljee and Chatrabhuj's time when the local ruler of the Kathis were de-thronged. Gopaljee Kamdar and Narbheram Kamdar had great influence and power over the British Agency in Bombay and Rajkot British Agency had great respect and trust for Chatrabhuj Kamdar and Gopaljee Kamdar, at that time their recommendation had the power to get release people from death chamber.

Mahatma Gandhiji visited Nautamlal Bhagvanji Kamdars home on January 21, 1915. He was first citied by Nautamlal Bhagvanji Kamdar, and in that citation Nautamlal Bhagvanji Kamdar used the word "Mahatma" for first time for Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. From that day forward Gandhiji was recognized as Mahatma.

The sons of Nautamlal are Manilal, Mulshankar,(who was one of the Gandhiji's group in Dandi Kuch and Vajubhai who were also very active Gandhians, with their home, their activities were always hovered by Subhas Chandra Bose, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Tilak, and prominent Nationalist during that time. Nautamlal's daughter Manjula (Maya) was also very active in the Free India Movement. Gandhiji had a lot of respect and trust in her, as well as Mayaben's father-in-law Dr.P.J. Mehta. Mahatma Gandhi has written about Dr. P.J Mehta and his help to him in his book" The Story of my Experience with Truth" on pages 39, 40 41, 42, 74, 75, 76, 237, 310, 347, 375. ( click here to see the Photocopies of Gandhijees writing on Dr.PJ Mehta in his autobiography " My experience with Truth.") Also Dr. Mehta became the main financer of promoting Gandhi's ideas and movements. When Gandhiji wanted BIG money to establish Gujarati Medium based University in Amedabad "Gujarat Vidyapith" . He tried with Ghanshyamdas Birla, Jamnalal Bajaj, and Ambalal Sara bhai all were scared and afraid of the British anger and avoided any contribution at that time to that request, however, Dr. Mehta and Nautam bhai Kamdar came out openly, bravely with intense nationalism and contributed Rupees 1,28,000.00 for the University. In the same way Nautamlal bhai Kamdar also contributed earlier stage of Gandhi's movement similar amount anonymously to Gandhiji. here we talking of 190 Rupees. present value could be 200 crores.

Furthermore, we feel proud to be able to display our pioneering work in diamond cutting since the late 19th century. This link will lead to references depicting our involvement in Western India's diamond cutting and polishing industry by Bhagvanji Narbheram Kamdar and his son Nautamlal. Click here!

We welcome any more information about this tree from anybody, who has interest or link to this Kamdar tree. Whatever we have written, has been documented from newspaper, books, and photographs or from family's record

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